With many brands emerging in the contemporary society, it is very crucial to growing brand loyalty as it is what that keeps you at the top. Based on the brand loyalty, your customers value you and prefer your products and helps you in growing. Therefore, according to research conducted by Inc.com here’s a list of things one should do as an entrepreneur to create brand loyalty: Step 1: Focus on your best customers.

  1. Find the brand lovers: If you’re an already established business, find your best customers. In other words, find the brand lovers. These are the people who will help you grow the business. Invest the time and effort in gaining their loyalty than aiming for pointless sales. For example, take Apple. It has a set of loyal customers who prefer its products because of their style, lavishness and also the abstractness.
  2. Take the customer feedback: It is always important to listen what customers have to tell you. Being a transaction machine or a money making machine will saturate your business growth after a certain point. Therefore, serving people should be one of your aims. By listening to what they want to say, you will create an opinion that you care for them and in return, they will end up caring you. By doing this, you can directly create ambassadors of your brand for free who does mouth-mouth advertising which is very difficult to do, these days.
  3. Understand their needs: Learn how they think, they behave, they feel and what they will be looking for your product. Though the collective decoding of requirements is not an easy task to do, if once done; rest is history. You will be positioned at the top and will as well create repetitive and recurring customers who will only use your products for the opinion that you’ll take care of their future needs as well. Read about reviews and comments on your products and also read what the blogs, critics has to say about your brand. Take everything into consideration.
  4. Give them reasons to choose you: Ask yourself the question, “Why should we choose you?”. Provide alluring answers to the question. Knowing the question and the answer defines your business and future of it beyond anything. By knowing them you can not only cultivate the loyalty but can sometimes direct/drive your customer’s choice towards your product and end up making them realize that owning your product might make their lives a little better.
  5. Surprise your customers: Always find unexpected and extraordinary things to wow your customers. Just when they think that they have got enough of your product, hit them with something so tempting that they can’t even refuse. Push your services and make them customer oriented. Each and every product/service you offer should make their lives comfortable not the other word around. Refine algorithms and suggest products they need based on their searches. Give cash-backs, discounts, instant deliveries, free gifts, reward points. For example, Goibibo has been giving free reward points on a service which can be used while purchasing goods on other platforms like Jabong et.al.

Pokemon has been there to entertain millions of children and adults ever since the 90s, being able to capture hearts of many. Millions have had the dream of becoming a real Pokemon trainer someday, without the limits of their game consoles. It’s unfortunate that there are no real life Pokemon out there, or that people actually create Pokeballs for you to capture creatures! While you will be able to purchase Pokemon merchandise and play the game from various game consoles and emulators, it doesn’t seem like it’s enough! You want to be a real Pokemon trainer, and you want to be sure you  capture Pokemon around your area in real time. Luckily, with Pokemon Go, you’ll be able to do so!pokemon-go-trailer-jigglypuff-100672411-gallery

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is the new app developed by the ones who created the game in the first place! The gameplay is similar to the original games, but with a twist: It will be you playing as the Pokemon trainer in the real world! With GPS technology and the help of the high-end graphics smartphones offer, the developers of Pokemon have now created an app for smartphones that enable you to become your own Pokemon trainer. All with the help of your portable device! It’s got tons of features you will be able to reap, and the best part is that you get to fulfill your dream into becoming a Pokemon trainer in real life. You may not be able to actually catch Pokemon right in front of you, but through Artificial Reality and your smartphone, it almost feels as if you were truly catching them all and being on your way to Pokemon champion!

You can easily download the app whether you use an iOS or Android device. Once you’ve registered and signed up, you will now be directed to the Pokemon app, where you can view all the nearby Pokemon, gyms and Pokestops around you. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see anything further than a few kilometers, which makes it hard for you to know where to go when wanting to catch Pokemon you’ve never encountered before! Luckily, you will now be able to check out the map around your area and further than that through the help of the Pokemon Map!

Using the Pokemon Map

The Pokemon Map is a feature you can find in various websites or third-party apps on your phone. It enables you to find all the Pokemon around areas farther than what your GPS is able to reach. Not only that, but you will also be able to contribute your own findings and help others catch them all as well! You get to find rare Pokemon and avoid having to go around the whole place looking for the Pokemon you haven’t captured yet!


So if you are looking for a good way to capture Pokemon, then you will be able to do so through the help of the Pokemon Map! Simply search online for the various websites and apps you can use for it.

Pokemon Go is an overnight sensation in the world and has won many hearts. Even though it has not been released in all the countries in the world but the popularity has only increased. Niantic the maker of the Game has already become one of the most potential gaming companies by virtue of a single game. The Pokemon Go game is based on the popular Japanese Cartoon Pokemon. There have been many games before on Pokemon but this game has changed the dimension of it altogether. The Pokemon Go game is based on augmented reality. However, there are some important things that a user must know about this game to get the best of it. Here are the things that you must know about the super popular game.pokemon-go-trailer-jigglypuff-100672411-gallery

Where to find Pokemons?

This is the most common question that is being asked about Pokemon but the answer seems to be pretty simple. People would always indicate that Poke Stops are the most common places to capture pokemons using the poke balls. But is that it? Well, Gyms around you can be great places to catch the pokemons too. However, there are many Gyms that are poke stops itself. However, there are few pokemons that can be spotted anywhere, these are generally flying pokemons. However, pokemons can be found in specialized areas as well. Grass Pokemons are generally found near bushes and the water pokemons are found near the water bodies.

How to use the Pokeballs?

Pokeballs are used to catch the pokemons. However, the majority of the times people run out of the pokeballs for unnecessary use. There are many pokeballs that you can get from the Pokestop but the reality is that you may lose them all in catching rare pokemons. However, one can even buy pokemons from Niantic to catch much more pokemons. One may exhaust pokeballs in catching the rare pokemons that are very difficult to catch as well. However, the game is free and available for Android and IOS.

Social Media

The social media is powerful but it can be even more powerful in the case of catching pokemons. There are many groups that provide constant update on the different tips and tricks of the Pokemon Go game. Moreover, the groups share the locations where there are pokestops and where can the rare pokemons found.  The social media groups on Twitter and Facebook are often considered the best methods to advance the level and skills of the users. During the battle time, these groups can be very effective with past experience and battle strategies of different users on the group.

Be Careful

There are many accidents that have been reported for the game. However, Niantic has already made the update to ensure that the accidents can be avoided. There are different messages that get populated on the screen. However, despite all these facts, one must be very sure to take care of things while playing the Pokemon Go. It should always be avoided when you are driving. The popular augmented reality game is very popular and interesting but life cannot be risked for a mere game.

You can be banned

If you are using a cheat code or taking any illegal methods like the help of third party applications to score big and increasing levels in the Pokemon Go, then you can be banned for life by the Niantic. The gaming company has found several methods to track the people who use the cheats and decided to punish them by handling the ban.

Pokemon Go is one of the most interesting games of the modern era and it has already created a buzz and craze in the world.

Elevate the quotient of thrill and entertainment and dive into the shore of a smashing hit super game namely happy wheels!!  Analogous to the typical racing games, this one is indeed a fresh and unique concept with the element of graphic violence which is the reason of its popularity. Brought into the picture in the year 2010, this ragdoll physics based game has been created by the reputed personality of Jim Bonacci.

The racing experience is distinctive and the players need to cross the obstacle course and reach the path to victory. With a remarkably realistic experience, this race car game is extremely thrilling and incredibly fun to play in between the hectic schedules of the day. With this amazing game on the track, this new and enticing game from the element of Fancy Force is being loved by one and all. With its hazardous twists and turns, the thrilling fight to the pre-decided finish line and the togetherness of the elements of graphic violence, this game brings to you a refreshing entity amidst the characteristic racing games on the digital platform.

With a graphic array of dramatic scenes that are brought into the picture whenever the player takes a wrong turn, the race track is remarkably engaging. This is what the creators expected to be the impact of the game on the tech savvy audience of today. The creators wanted something massive and immensely realistic that could be highlighted with a real time augmented game and indeed it would not be wrong to say that the results have turned out to be at par excellence and beyond the level of expectations. For the mobile generation of today, this real time game is definitely a retreat that brings entertainment and joy to their leisure time.

What to expect at the arena of gameplay!

With a real sensation, happy wheels bring to you a variable twist that is unique and captivates the internet geeks of today. The player needs to take a pick of the characters that could be an old man in a scrolling wheel chair, a fat man in a specific shopping cart, or even a duo of a father and son on a two wheeler probably a bike. With some interesting hindrances in the pathway such as the bridges, ravines, steep hills and a lot more to deal with, the players get a great opportunity to explore the challenging arena of the game. Happy wheels as a real time action game has incorporated some of the simplest features with an easy to use interface and most significantly with an unambiguous and simple objective.  Focusing primarily on the aspect of realism, the creators have brought wonderful graphical features in the game with the prominence of the tools such as vans, guns and blocks.  According to the preferred choice of the character, the mechanics of the game may also change from time to time. Once you reach the exit alive, then eventually you will emerge as a winner of the game.


When the Palelai Buddhist Temple announced the demise of Bhante Seng in 2015, the last respects were paid by following strict Buddhist rituals of chanting and the devotees were informed about every detail from the beginning up to the transportation of the body to the Mandai Crematorium. When one looks at Buddhist scriptures and learnings, it is quite apparent that Buddhism promotes peace, spiritual liberation and release from suffering. Discipline is given paramount importance and Nirvana Buddhism is a form where the ultimate goal of Buddhism is achieved which involves eliminating activity in the mind and releasing it of all negative emotions.02C_5905

Nirvana Buddhism:

Buddhist tradition deems meditation as a key towards achieving a state of non-self or emptiness. A state of mind where a person has no desire towards material pleasures or wishes is the ultimate goal of Buddhism and this is no easy task! Man is tuned to enjoy the pleasures of life and abandoning them can be a daunting task for many, which is why Buddhist scholars spend several years perfecting themselves towards this cause.

There exist four planes of freedom and liberation in Buddhism and they are as follows:

  • Stream-enterer
  • Once-returner
  • Non-returner
  • Arahant

All these planes have different rebirth rules and they are solely dependent on how sincerely a person commits himself/herself to the cause of Buddhism. Of course, every religion preaches good will, love and humanity but Buddhism also stresses on liberating oneself from suffering. Omniscience destroys every trace of delusion while a purified mind can conquer the world, untroubled by desire and wishes. After all, desire breeds negative emotions like greed, lust and jealousy and it is essential for each one of us to leave these behind and live more fulfilling lives. After all, if every human being eliminates his/her negative qualities, can you imagine what a breathtakingly beautiful world we can rebuild? So, are you ready to take the Buddhist path?


Langley is a very beautiful and progressive place that can be found in the province of British Columbia in the beautiful country of Canada.This is the main reason why more and more people are moving to this place for good. In case you are one of those people who are thinking of moving to this place, then you surely need a new home that must be as beautiful as your previous one. In that case, you will need the services of the painters Langley. Finding the best house painters in the said place might be a little challenge for you though. If you want your search to be easier, then here are the things that you can do in order to find the finest one:

Go Ask Some Recommendations

Asking some recommendations from your friends, relatives, or simply from someone you know is a very good thing that you can do. There is no need for you to spend some amount of hard earned money here since you will only use your mouth in asking, right? Who knows, they have already experiencing hiring the finest house painter in Langley before. You can just give those people a phone call or talk to them personally when you both have enough time to spend. For sure, these people will not recommend a house painter in Langley who is not that reliable based on their own assessment. If they have experienced a so-so house painting service before, there is no way they will also let you experience it.

Go Online and Make a Research


Another thing that you can do in order to find the most reputable painters Langley is to take advantage of the online world. Just in case you do not know, the online world is the best place in researching about something like the best house painters. It is simply because almost everything needed by the people nowadays seems to be available in the virtual world. What you need to do is simply key in the keywords of your search and the results pages will be displayed on your computer screen right away. There can be a long list of painters that you can find for sure. With that being said, it might be a little confusing on your part, regarding which one that you should choose.

Well, there is no need to lose your hope here. You can simply narrow down your choices by choosing the top 5 or top 10 on the results pages. After making a list of them, what is next that you must do is gather some important information about each one of them. You can make a research about how long they have been providing their house painting services. Always keep in mind that the years of working experience of the painters are some things that made them reliable. The longer they have been providing services to the people, the higher the possibility that they are very much reliable. Even so, you should know that this is always not the case. There are times that a house painter that is providing house painting service for so long now will only give you unsatisfactory service. Moreover, there are also newcomers in the industry who have already proven their worth when it comes to painting services.

Know the Comments of Other Customers

One way of knowing how reliable a certain house painter can be is to know the comments of the other people who have experienced his or her service. You can know these comments personally by asking those people in person. But if you don’t know someone, then you can just use the online world again. You can search for those reliable customer reviews where previous customers honestly give their comments to a certain service.

By doing all of these things, there’s no way you cannot find the best painters Langley. Good luck and may you find the finest one who can meet your requirements.


The tattoo can now be seen on the wrist of a young child and also a footballer whose whole torso is covered in tattoos. Tattoos are everywhere. Sporting a tattoo has become a matter of style, and is also a form of commitment. Young lovers “ink” their beaus’ name on their body, an act of permanently declaring their love for each other. Tattoos have firmly been integrated into the world’s modernized culture. Anyone who’s looking to get a tattoo can easily get a Custom tattoo design of one’s choice at the nearest inking salon. Body art has been around for quite some time and the tattoo has established itself the most popular form of body art.

History of tattoos: 

Tattooing is an age old art and has been practiced by different kinds of people all over the world. The indigenous people of Japan, the Ainu and also Austroasians were known to wear facial tattoos. The tradition has been preserved over the years and today one can find the Maori of New Zealand; Yoruba, Fulani, and Hausa tribes of Nigeria; Atayal, Seediq, and Saisiyat of Taiwan covering their faces with tattoos. According to scientific studies and research, the oldest known example of the art of tattooing has been identified as Otzi. The body was found covered in sixty-one tattoos and was dug up from the glacial ice of Alps, dating back to 3,250 B.C.


It is a myth that tattooing was revived after James Cook’s three expeditions in the South Pacific. As history suggests, the Europeans were being tattooed long before that. However, it is agreed that the texts and manuscripts brought from the expeditions did spread awareness about the tattooing culture and even added the word (“tattow”) in western languages. The first professional tattooist in Britain opened an office in the 1870s. At that time the tattoos were largely popular among the sailors, lower class, and even criminals. After a couple of years, tattoos started becoming fashionable and many upper-class people and aristocrats started “inking” themselves.

The tattoos in U.S were mostly done by Polynesians and Japanese greenhorns and were very popular among American soldiers and sailors. The first known professional tattooist was a German immigrant who went by the name Martin Hilderbrandt. Hilderbrandt opened his shop in 1846 and it quickly became very famous all over America. During the American Civil war, Martin traveled from camp to camp selling his expertise to soldiers. He was greatly sought after, and he initiated the tradition to get tattoos. The tradition continued till WWI. Upper-class people got tattoos and tattoos had become a symbol of wealth at that time. After the war ended, the electronic tattoo machine was invented. This saw the interest of the rich in tattoos waning, as tattoos had become accessible to all classes of society. Anyone could get a tattoo done for a cheap price; therefore the tattoos’ lost its power as a symbol of wealth and were increasingly being sported by rebels and delinquents. However, the tattoos were still popular among the military servicemen and the tradition has been carried forward till today.

Over the years the significance of getting tattoos changed. With westernization, more and more cultures started accepting tattoos and it was not considered taboo anymore. A few countries had banned tattoos due to its negative connotations, but the bans were soon lifted after brief periods of time. Tattoos now in modern times are not being done just for a style statement. When people decide to get a tattoo done it’s usually meaningful and has something to do with the person’s life. Getting permanently inked is a bold decision and is nothing short of a commitment.


The dragonfly tattoo:

The dragonfly tattoo is very beautiful and is rich in symbolisms. This tattoo has different meanings in different cultures and remains some of the most popular choices till date. The dragonfly tattoo looks majestic on your skin and gives you feeling of strength and empowerment. This tattoo is very common among women, however; recent years have witnessed men asking for the dragonfly tattoo as well.

The dragonfly tattoo is known to represent fertility because of its ability to give birth to 100,000 offspring at one time. It’s also linked to transformation and metamorphism; those who have had some life-changing events or something like that can go for this tattoo to etch that memory forever.

You can choose from a catalog of some of the best designs if that doesn’t suit your taste you can make your own Custom tattoo design so that it’s just the way you want it. Check your city for Inking parlors that specialize in this design and also take some company along so that you are not alone when dealing with pain.

Are you looking for a perfect jogger for yourself that can keep you fit and also help you achieve your fitness target? It might look like a daunting task in the beginning, especially with so many brands and models available in the market. But with dreamer designer jogger stroller you can expect your dream come true.

About dreamer design joggers

Dreamer design as the name is a devoted manufacturer of jogging stroller. The manufacturer is based in Washington, and is distributing the product all over United States of America. The joggers from this company are globally recognized for its quality and standards. They are proficient in supplying joggers which range from mid to higher end strollers that are appropriate tool for the tough runners. Individuals opting for joggers can also chose wheel size up to 20 inches, which meets their expectations with respect to joggers. Thus, this is just the right product for the ones who wants to stay fit and exercise regularly.

Affordable and warranty

Price of the dreamer design joggers is another important attribute which attracts several customers from all over the world. Thus, fitness freaks can get these best joggers for themselves, and begin their fight to stay hale and hearty. Once, users have invested their money in the product they are also provided 20 year warranty, which means any fault within the product shall be handled and taken care of by the company. So, once you have this machine you need not have to worry about anything else their fitness regime.

Easy to handle

Another advantage of opting for this product is, these are light in weight and can be handled very easily without much hassle. Moreover, due to its light weight users can move it in any direction as per their comfort and convenience. Front wheel on the machine is oscillating and remote locking towards the front helps the user to keep an extra control over the machine. Moreover, it is not just an appropriate product for adults but can be used by children giving them complete comfort and convenience. The belts attached can be adjusted giving complete protection to the users.


From the above mentioned facts, it can be easily identified that dream design jogging strollers are a perfect choice to make. One can even go through feedback of customers mentioned at http://www.consumerschoicereviews.com/, which shall help them make a learned and wise decision.

Pinoy Channel is an exclusive Philippine TV channel which is best known for its awesome TV shows and amazing entertainment stuff. If as a viewer you like to watch Philippine TV shows, I am sure there is no other better resource than Pinoy TV. One can easily spend hours watching these shows and kill boring moments of their life with ease. Getting entertained is crucial and we need to have new moments of relaxation in order to face tough challenges of our life. Remaining occupied all day will only eat our energy but when we watch our favorite TV shows we do get a refresh.

TV industry has always been treated as most trusted source of entertainment. Just apart from watching TV shows, Pinoy Channel will also provide quick access to news and other stuff. It would not be wrong to suggest this particular TV channel is most liked my Filipinos. The only trouble when it comes to watching Pinoy TV shows has been the fixed timings. With our busy schedule more often than not we do miss our favorite shows. Even on many occasions, we simply get detached to TV as in our spare time no adequate TV shows are available. Well, the situation was pretty critical but with the launch of Pinoy Tambayan things have sorted out.

It is an official online source on which you can now watch Pinoy TV shows replays with no time worries. Just have fun in your spare time while watching these shows and fill your life with enormous entertainment. It would not be wrong to conclude, the online source has already captured the attention of TV lovers with ease. The source is regularly updated with latest shows and that too with supreme quality.

Pinoy TV continues to impress its viewers with unique and exciting TV shows.  Surely, you don’t need any other source of entertainment if you have the time to follow Pinoy Channel. Further the introduction of Pinoy Tambayan, there is simply no scope of missing your favorite shows. One can enjoy them while traveling or in free time in order to get refreshed. The launch of the online source is huge step forward in offering non-stop entertainment to Filipinos. From viewer’s perspective, they need to grab the golden opportunity with both hands and access Pinoy Tambayan as soon as possible.

Pinoy TV is set to break all records and provide Philippines TV industry a big boost. It will take TV industry to sky high level with its awesome new TV shows and much other entertainment stuff. If you really want to become part of the Pinoy Channel even when you are fully occupied with your work, you must not give second thought to access Pinoy Tambayan. The online source will not cost you any money and you will be able to enjoy awesome TV shows all time. Don’t lack behind and just add a perfect source of entertainment in your life with Pinoy TV.

Dogs are man’s best friend, dogs are so loyal t their owners, dogs love their more than themselves. Dog kennels are must have for dog owners whose house is unfenced as dog kennels provide a safe area for dogs as dogs run around freely by these kennels we can keep the dogs safe and they also prevent the dog from escaping and dogs can also be in open area rather than in a closed room by dog kennels dogs dog’s can get enough sunlight they can be healthy. If the owner is busy then there will be no proper exercise for the dog there are so many companies that manufacture dog kennels among them the top dog kennels.

Dogs love going and walking along the road they love nature and likes to go to parks but unfortunately, people don’t have time to take their dogs for a walk or for hiking and the dogs become so dull and unenergetic dog’s should get minimum exercise hence it’s great to have a dog kennels they provide a great play space for dog’s outdoor dog kennel for large dogs come in different verities among them chain link dog kennels are considered among them. Chain link dog kennels are strongly built and are best for outdoor dog kennels.

As chain links are very strong and hence dogs cant chew through it is eve hard for strong dogs like Rottweiler’s   to break them. Chain link is made of very thick and strong metal and hence they are very hard to break chain like dog kennels are  most  popular than  other dog  kennels next to chain like kennels  people mostly use wooden dog kennels but the drawback of wooden dog kennels doesn’t last long because dogs like tochew there are few natural elements like rain, snow and ice these  elements are harmful for both chain type and wooden type we generally like things that last long hence chain like are most preferable once

Outdoor Dog kennels keep the dog in safe place allowing them to be in a safe place in outdoor location out door dog kennels come in different sizes and there are few  cons they are dogs tend to dig through and get stuck and there s a chance of losing the life of the dog

There are so many companies that manufacture a huge range of dog kennels among them the top manufacturing brands are lucky dog uptown welded wire dog kennel, aleko heavy duty dog kennel, pet safe box kennel for pets, lucky dog galvanized chain link kennel , pet safe cottage view dog kennel

Among them lucky dog welded wire dog kennels are most durability these are made of very thick welded steel construction, these are very costly compared to others these are very tall and have the roof covered  and hard to break

Aleko heavy duty dog kennel are best preferred for short breeds these come in low price compared to lucky outdoor dog covered and these are also made of fine steel and also secure