If we are to start from a neutral ground, we can all say that both of these platforms are great when it comes to photo sharing. It is known that visual content sales more than any other type of content which is why both of these platforms are great in as far as providing a marketing platform for your products and services is concerned.

With that said, we can always acknowledge the difference between these two platforms in as far as their features are concerned. Here is a list of their differences:

  1. Making videos or taking a photo

In both of these apps the interface and the capture button features are pretty much the same. However the main difference with Instagram is that the platform allows you to upload a photo or a video directly from your smartphone or PC. This features allows Instagram to be more flexible when it comes to taking and uploading photos. As with snapchat, you have to capture first the photo or the video that you want to share before uploading.

  1. Editing filter

It is only Instagram that allows you to use this feature. What that platform does is that after you’ve taken the photo or the video, you can edit the lighting or change the saturation among other things before sharing it. This is not possible with snapchat. With that said, this depends on your preference.

  1. Timer setting

A feature that is only applicable for SnapChat users and allows them to set particular time window from which the photo will be available for the selected viewer. In terms of the options available, the user is allowed to set the time from 1 second to 10 seconds. This feature is particularly useful when the user is running an instant feedback survey just before a product is launched and are in desperate need of an instant response on the same. It is also possible to allow people to view the images or your videos unlimited times through the Snapchat Story.

  1. Ad presence

With Instagram you’ll always get Sponsored content every now and then whenever you are streaming a feed. The same Sponsored ads never appear when using Snapchat. From a user’s perspective, this can be annoying but from a marketing perspective, this is exactly what your need to generate traffic to your website. we can also use social media by creating pages with unique names such as who unfollowed me on instagram and get more users atrracted 

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  1. Streaming content

The same media offer excellent streaming options which is exactly what you want for a social media platform. Instagram offers constant feeds of videos and images while Snapchat provides fantastic New Story notification each time you upload an item on your page.

  1. Commenting or liking items

Instagram scores a lot of points here. The platform allows you to like and leave comments on posts whenever they appear on your feeds stream. With Snapchat, it is not possible to create such conversation threads on Snapchat.

From above, Instagram looks to have a slight advantage over SnapChat even though both platforms are great. Do not forget that you can buy Instagram followers and make your profile look even more appealing to your audience.


Neko Atsume is a cute cat collecting game that a lot of individuals are getting addicted to these days. This game can now be downloaded and played on your iPhone, not just on any of your Android devices. The game is played by buying food, toys, and furniture to catch the attention of different cats to your virtual garden and give you some gold or silver fish as they leave.
Learn the Basics – How to Earn More Fish?
Basically, your goal here is to get more and more cats visiting your backyard. So, in order make them pay you a visit, you need to see to it that your backyard is attractive by placing toys and making sure that cat bowls are filled with food. You can buy these items at varying prices that ranges from a few fish to a handful of gold coins. Each breed has different toy and food preferences, thus replacing the items in your backyard oftentimes is necessary to lure in other breeds that may provide you more fish rewards. You should know that while some breeds may reward you with more fish, making them visit may also need you to invest a lot on the items you need to display in your backyard.

A number of players claim that by just choosing the right toys to buy that will make more cats play in your garden, is enough. Cheap toys, like the big red rubber ball, the yellow ping pong balls, and the small card box, are the smart choices. There are also toys that can bring in much more fish than the usual, however, purchasing these expensive toys may need you to spend way more compared to others.

Get Much More Fish With Rare Cats – How to Do It?
Rare cats are one of the additions to the new version of the game, along with the uncommon items and more improvement options offer. Luring in rare cats is something more difficult than the regular breeds. These breed of cats are the ones that will not surely be attracted with just cheap food on your bowls. However, they are the ones that can give you substantial number of fish. So, if you want to have them visit your garden, use high-quality food to catch their attention.
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Use Cheats – Get More Silver and Gold Fish the Easy Way
There are some cheats for neko atsume iPhone that you can find online provided by some players. These cheat codes, unlike hack tools, don’t to be downloaded to your device making it 100% safe. These cheat codes are easy to you use and jailbreaking your iPhone is not necessary. You can also use them on your Android devices. These are your passes to enjoy free in-app purchases that can help you get more fish; not just to buy more toys and food, but also improve your garden as well.

Well, nothing is wrong with using cheat codes to fastrack your game. What really matters is the fun and enjoyment you can get with playing Neko Atsume.


Teaching young players to throw the baseball effectively is probably the single most important aspect of coaching T-ball. In many ways, it is also the simplest as well. Throwing does not require the hand-eye coordination needed for hitting or catching, and it is certainly not as complex as learning the rules of the game.Throwing is nothing more than getting the ball from Point A to Point B as quickly and as accurately as possible. The following instructions and three T-Ball throwing drills are a great place to begin when teaching mdfallbaseball to beginners.


Easy as 1-2-3-4

T-Ball players are typically six years old or younger and will have had little or no experience. Therefore, good coaching must start with the very basics. Before players can throw the ball, they must become comfortable with the proper grip.

Players should rest the tips of their index and middle fingers across (perpendicular to) a seam of the ball, with the thumb underneath the ball. With these three fingers mainly supporting the ball, the player will be able to hold it firmly, while being less likely to squeeze too hard, which can cost accuracy.

The throwing motion is a four-step process:

  1. With non-throwing (glove) shoulder facing the target, lower the ball and throwing hand down toward the knee, fully extending the arm.
  2. Bring the ball up and back, so that the throwing arm is extended and an imaginary line can be drawn from the ball, through the player’s shoulders to the target.
  3. Begin to shift body weight toward the target and continue the ball’s upward path, bringing the ball behind the head while keeping the elbow at shoulder height.
  4. Continue arm’s motion and weight shift toward target and release ball with snap of the wrist, keeping eyes on the target.

Bulls Eye

Don’t get ahead of yourself by having your young players throw to each other at first. Since early throws will be inaccurate and catching skill levels will be low, your players will spend a lot of practice time chasing errant balls instead of throwing.

Attach a target (start with a hula hoop and work your way down to a paper plate) to the backstop and have players throw at it. T-Ball aged players should begin no more than 15 feet away from the target and should start the drill by picking the ball up off the ground to help reinforce the step of starting the ball low.


Many young players make the mistake of dropping their elbows below their shoulder as they throw, which results in a “pushing” motion. If your players are doing this, stand behind them and raise your hand to the appropriate level above and behind the player’s throwing shoulder. As they reach back to throw, have them “high-five” you with the ball to make sure their elbows are staying up.


Follow that Ball!

To reinforce the forward weight shift and momentum required for a proper throw, have the players throw, then continue running in the same direction. Two coaches will face each other with a single-file line of players behind each of them (keep the lines short, T-Ball players are not known for their attention spans). One coach will drop a ball and step aside as the first player in line behind him picks up the ball, throws to the opposite coach, then follows his throw by running to join the back of the opposite line. Once the player has passed by, the coach with the ball will drop it to repeat the process.


If you are currently into high definition movies and TV shows, but you do not have enough money to spend every time you want to watch any latest movie or TV show, ShowBox APK app is definitely what you should be giving some serious consideration. This application contains huge inventory of quality high definition movies and great TV shows which you can download and stream as you watch them at your own free time. To really give you a glimpse of what this app means to the industry and movie lovers at large, here are top benefits of using Showbox app.

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You will never run out of content

The amount of content this app comes with could now and in years to come see other app developers running for their money. From the latest TV series to some of the best movies, if you are currently looking for a way to take your entertainment needs into another level, ShowBox is the perfect way to go. You will never run out of content.

Free and high definition quality content

This app is absolutely free and as a subscriber, you will not be asked to pay any fee. You can stream content from different sources without having to pay for them. In short, this app, alone, gives you unrestricted access to thousands of movies and TV shows at absolutely no cost. As if that is not even enough; despite this app being totally free, that has not compromised on the quality of content users can stream. For amazing viewing experience, with a click of a button, users can stream great high definition movies and TV shows from the comfort of their car or offices.


The kind of convenience you can net from this movie streaming app is mind blowing. With it, you will never have to worry about missing a single TV show ever gain. Once you download and have it installed on your Android smart device, you can watch your favorite TV show anytime anywhere. This is an amazing tool for watching the kind of content you love watching at the time you want and place you want. Sounds irresistible isn’t?

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ShowBox Drawbacks

Nothing is perfect and just like other apps, Showbox comes with its own share of issues. This app strictly available for only Android platform has seen millions of people missed out on all the good things this app comes with. Thankfully, with a few quick fixes, this app can now be installed on your PC. How things will turn out in future, that we can’t tell; let’s cross our fingers and hope that the developers will do something and designed this app to be used across other major platforms.

Overall, considering all the benefits this little tool comes with, it is evident; Showbox is truly a blessing to the industry. However, when it comes to download and installation process, users are always advised to do everything from the official website, or from any other trusted source. By doing so, you will avoid any kind unfortunate error events when you install and run this program.