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  Gina Miller  

NanoAntsA depiction of pests that aren't so pesky but rather perform a function that is beneficial to the home owner (or other). In today's world we must tend to our environment in a crude and laboriously manual manner, in tomorrows world we could have man engineered ants that look like they fit right into the natural habitat but are really taking over the miniscule tasks of man, leaving him or her more time for important projects. The ants serve as both form and function in the much more functional future.





NanoWormsAnother example of environmentally adaptable man engineered repair bots. These synthetic worms are programmed to repair soil putting it in a more perfect state so as to grow food in places that previously could not or to simply maintain soil. These nano worms recycle waste into productive materials that enable the soil to become pure and reach full potential. This concept could impact human issues such as environmental and hunger in ways never previously experienced by society.





Dermal Display
The Dermal Display animation was created in collaboration with author Robert A. Freitas Jr. from his book Nanomedicine, Volume 1: Basic Capabilities. This work demonstrates the "programmable dermal display" in which a population of about 3 billion display pixel robots would be permanently implanted a fraction of a mm under the surface of the skin, covering a rectangle 6 cm x 5 cm on the back of the hand. Photons emitted by these pixel bots would produce an image on the surface of the skin. This pixelbot array could be programmed to form any of many thousands of displays. This display could constantly monitor the body and report to the user any changes or dangers that should be noted.


.  Miller
uses a retro comic strip style in this piece, generated as a means of tapping into the nostalgic consciousness of the viewer to tie in with what it would feel like in the future if current day problems were a thing of the past. The word and title Golly alone characterizes a fitting response to all of the future applications that nanotechnology could provide.

Gina "Nanogirl" Miller is the founder of the Nanotechnology Industries website (est. 1998) and accompanying freely distributed Nanogirl news service. Nanotechnology advisor for the Extropy Institute and artist three times Discreet certified in different areas of three dimensional animation for the purpose of visually demonstrating the future applications of nanotechnology. Miller's art, articles and interviews have been featured in magazines and books. For a complete list and more detailed information please see:
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