(1983 - Natasha Vita-More)


We are transhumans.

Transhumans integrate the most eminent progression of creativity and sensibility merged by discovery.

Transhumans want to elevate and extend life.

Transhumans seek to expand life.

As our tools and ideas continue to evolve, so too shall we.

We are designing the technologies to enhance our senses and increase our understanding.

The transhumanist ecology and freedom exercises self-awareness and self-responsibility.

Let us choose to be transhumanist not only in our bodies, but also in our values.


Toward diversity, multiplicity.


Toward non-partisan ideology (transpolitics, transpartisan, transmodernity).


Toward transhuman rights of morphological freedom, existence safety, personhood preservation.


Toward a more humane transhumanity.



Edited 16 Nov 2011.


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